Case Study Brief: Optimized compound database and maximized revenue

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Client Benefit

Data Warehouse
Process Improvement


Business Objects (BO)
BO Enterprise
BO WebIntelligence


Hardware – Compaq Proliant
Database – Oracle 91/MS SQL
Platform – WIN


Pfizer Inc, founded in 1849, is a leading pharmaceutical and biotech company dedicated to better health and greater access to healthcare for people and their valued animals. Its purpose is helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives. Their route to that purpose is through discovering and developing breakthrough medicines; providing information on prevention, wellness, and treatment; consistent high-quality manufacturing of medicines, consumer products; and global leadership in corporate responsibility.

Project Description

Just as an item master file in a manufacturing company is the starting point and the heart of its manufacturing information system so too does a pharmaceutical company need a starting point for building the compounds from which its products are the result. Pfizer's challenge was combining the many versions of the truth housed in the informal repositories in its research facilities throughout the world. Much of its compound registration data was stored in an ancient COBOL application along with graphical representations of each formula. Other sources were hand written notebooks, Excel spreadsheets, Word files, etc.

Scope of Services

5x Technology resolved Pfizer's challenge by providing a solution consisting of a database, cleansing strategy, security and delivery application to provide for all uses of this information throughout the company. 5x Technology developed a three schema data cleansing process to ensure a consistent, reliable single set of compounds to be used throughout Pfizer. First, the data sources were passed to eliminate duplicates, then to standardize naming, descriptive and graphical representations. Finally, the compounds were registered in a secure database with a two-universe web based delivery application on top. The two universes defined security, interface, usage and language standards for two classes of users: executive and analytical.


5x Technology consultants provided Pfizer with a secure, reliable repository for its most valuable corporate asset. The compound registration database allows Pfizer marketing executives to innovate the best product strategies, optimize distribution approaches and maximize revenue from Pfizer's portfolio of drugs and other products. The system saves countless hours of laboratory research and analytical time by allowing researchers to begin at the highest possible level in the quest for new compounds and drugs.


“This project was an absolute revelation for me. I got a lot more than I thought I had bought. I am EXTREMELY happy with the [thing you did for me]. Your approach is unique as far as I know. To work with you was a pleasure!”

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