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ibm-cognos-find-view-interactIBM Cognos is a global leader in the business intelligence market, which is why we've specialized in this powerful software since day one. Empowering organizations with the industry's best BI tools is what 5x Technology is all about, so we provide a multitude of services centered around the IBM Cognos product:

Regardless of which Cognos software tool you're looking to take advantage of (reporting, dashboard design, etc), we have the experience you need to utilize Cognos is the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

What is Cognos?

ibm-cognos-tabletThe Cognos business intelligence (BI) platform delivers the answers you need to make better decisions. Composed of integrated products and components, it is the first and only solution to provide true end-to-end coverage of all end-users needs. Cognos tools let you tap into your company's rich information resources and create the unified information infrastructure critical to running a business.

Cognos lets you make insightful analysis, reporting, and high-level visualization available to key decision-makers, both inside and outside your organization, through an easy-to-use browser-based portal. Cognos' aim is to make their customers the best decision-makers in the world. With the Cognos BI solution, you get information delivered fast, so that sharing insights across the business is effortless, and people can make informed decisions, turn strategy into action, and optimize business performance. Everyone has a single, common context for making aligned decisions.

Cognos' end-to-end answer to enterprise requirements is why many of the world's leading organizations view Cognos business intelligence to be as mission-critical to their business as their computing, database, and Internet infrastructure. It's why they are the global leader in the business intelligence market.

5x Technology Partnership with IBM Cognos

We partnered with IBM to help our customers achieve new levels of success with one analytics solution. We’re combining the best-in-class dashboards and reporting of IBM Cognos and our expertise to help you make data-driven decisions. With IBM Cognos, businesses can create custom reporting dashboards, set-up automated alerts, and will receive the best visualizations, no matter what device you’re using.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits to our partnership with IBM Cognos:

  • Improve productivity by collaborating with multiple people in one analytics environment.
  • Improve efficiency with a seamless reporting infrastructure.
  • Simplify workflows and reduce costs.

Our relationship with IBM has allowed us to make available to you a program to test cutting edge products in your environment as proof-of-concepts.


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