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CMaps Analytics (formerly Centigon Solutions)

cmaps-analyticsConcept mapping and location intelligence are key facets of any business intelligence strategy. That’s exactly why we’ve partnered with CMaps Analytics, the industry’s leading software for this functionality. CMaps Analytics strategically focuses on delivering embedded Location Analytics software solutions. It also integrates well with BI tools such as SAP BusinessObjects and other custom business apps.

Why Location Intelligence?

  • 80% of the data stored within enterprise organizations has a location attribute.
  • The challenge of accessing, presenting, and making decisions using geographic and business data has historically been challenging for enterprises without significant investment in GIS technology and specialized analysits.
  • Arming regular business people who are not data scientists or GIS gurus is even more difficult!. The simplicity of consumer mapping technologies like Google Maps and Google Earth have been a positive disruption to the GIS industry to allow normal information consumers benefit from location intelligence in operational, and traditional performance management scenarios.

What is CMaps?

CMaps Designer is a cloud-based geographic visualization and analysis designer. Without any server software or specialized GIS skills, customers can rapidly create embedded Location Intelligent experiences using on premise or cloud business data. Create drillable regional views, drive-time analysis and other visualizations on top of consumer friendly Google Maps.

We help mid-size and enterprise companies take advantage of the following CMaps Analytics tools:

  • Cmaps Analytics
  • Cmaps Plugin 4
  • Batch Geocoding
  • Dashboard Tools

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