Airport Service International Group (ASIG)

Case Study Brief: Streamlined HR reporting and provided efficient labor force management & growth

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Airline Services

Client Benefit

Reporting solution realignment
to meet company goals


Cognos Impromptu


Hardware – Various Server Configurations
Database – MS SQL/Oracle
– Microsoft 2000 SP3


Airport Services International Group (ASIG) manages ground handling, cargo handling, passenger services, aviation fuel, airport facility services and provisioning of airliners at major airports across the country.

Project Description

Airport services are labor intensive. Insight into detailed labor cost structures, union rules and relationships, insurance and operational costs are critical to effective, efficient use of staff to deliver services to ASIG’s airline customers. The company must constantly balance complex union work rules and optimized staffing levels against airline schedules that flex with weather conditions and overloaded airport facilities.

This project involved understanding and revamping multiple complex database structures. Cognos Impromptu software had been in place since 1986 and had gone through several upgrades with system controls shifting between different departments. Over the years, several modifications had been made and connections to various data sources had been discontinued. ASIG was confronted with various issues: Key reports were failing; needing to create multiple reports from several database systems to retrieve particular information; data systems not configured with current data schema; time consuming process for closing weekly and monthly books.

5x Technology researched ASIG’s current reporting processes. Analyzing that it took several days to create reports using Cognos Impromptu and manually verify the data to insure information was correct and understanding where the mistakes were occurring in the system.

Scope of Services

5x Technology worked with ASIG to develop new processes, new data views and to rationalize its human resource utilization reports. Armed with these, ASIG can flexibly deploy its workforce to handle the ebb and flow of scheduling demands. Deeply in touch with travel demand, departure trends, scheduling and other demographic trends at the airports it serves the company captures and warehouses information on all of these. Rather than remain at the mercy of the airline dictated schedules, ASIG uses its investment in data warehousing and business intelligence to suggest routing and scheduling to its airline clients. This guidance allows ASIG to better predict and control its resource requirements while assisting its airline clients in deploying their plane and airport resources for maximum return.


5x Technology services resulted in information streams and processes allowing ASIG to maximize its human resources, hold staff growth to a minimum while delivering outstanding service to its customers. ASIG’s airline customers have also benefited their businesses, shareholders as well as their customers by adopting ASIG’s scheduling and routing suggestions.


“Through their knowledge of Cognos and understanding of the complex data system we had created over time, they were able to help us understand our data better and close our books in a timely manner”

Calvin Patrick
IT Manager

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