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Retail Performance Management: Increase Visibility and Drive Profitable Growth

Turn Information into Higher Business Performance for Retail

In today’s marketplace, retail executives have to move fast to get a handle on the issues and trends that affect business performance and secure the resources to deal with them effectively. It’s the only way to rise above the competition and drive profits.

Staying ahead isn’t easy. Data pours in from multiple systems, divisions and regions. Manual processes, integration and inefficiencies add to the mix. Business managers and IT departments are challenged to find solutions that enable productivity and business agility in the face of these market and consumer demands.

Performance management is a discipline that helps your organization rise to these challenges with better business insight, planning and performance. By unlocking data in operational and financial systems and transforming it into useful, relevant information, managers are transformed into performance managers.

Proven Strategies for Turning Information into Higher Business Performance for Retail

Download this paper and discover ways that performance management strategies and IBM Cognos solutions can help retail chains answer these three key questions and coordinate planning and measurement across the enterprise:

  • How are we doing? Scorecards and dashboards that give a snapshot of performance to managers, such as sales flashes, top- and bottom-selling merchandise, channel profitability and supplier performance, delivered to your desktop or to your smartphone.
  • Why? Reporting and analysis to understand variances vs. plans; sales and margins by product, location and channel; product affinity and basket analysis; universal inventory position and stock levels; marketing effectiveness; and customer behavior trends
  • What should we be doing? Planning, budgeting and forecasting—managing store-level revenue and expenses, aligning merchandise supply with demand, evaluating capital expenditures and risk modeling for the financial impact of changes like fuel costs, benefits and more.

and therefore deliver sustainable competitive advantage.



This white paper provides a practical guide to strategies like these that have been put to the test by top retailers worldwide.

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