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Managing the Extended Enterprise for Profitable Growth

Business Network Integration

Pressured by increasing globalization and the need to cut costs and look for new markets, many companies are extending their business processes beyond the firewall. Ready or not, your company is becoming an extended enterprise.

It is challenging to coordinate all the moving parts of an extended enterprise. Often, various locations or functions end up using a patchwork of different business management software that suits their own needs best but doesn’t let them share information effectively. The extended enterprise may decide to standardize on a single business software solution.

This SAP white paper will explore the necessary capabilities that your software must provide in order to effectively manage an Extended Enterprise of any size.

For an Extended Enterprise, a software solution must integrate all entities on your network, even the smallest subsidiary and business partner.

Download this paper to learn why a successful solution must do all of the following:

  • Integrate all entities on your network
  • Replace inefficient, manual processes
  • Offer a choice of software applications to best fit each unit’s specific business needs and widely varying IT expertise and budgets
  • Provide insight to make good business decisions
  • Offer preconfigured integration functionality

Choose wisely, and your business software can accommodate every size and type of operation, from headquarters down to a four-person sales outpost that only recently was tracking sales with spreadsheets and e-mail.



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