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IBM Cognos Platform: Meeting the Needs of Both Business Users and IT

Service Oriented Architecture with Open Access to Data

Companies today are amassing data in amounts we could previously hardly dream of, and yet, even as that valuable data continues to accumulate, people are finding it harder and harder to understand or get at the data they want.

IT executives and managers must find systems that can tap into the power of all this data, cleanly and efficiently. In other words, not only do they have to provide access to the data people want and need to do their jobs, but they must also find a solution that fits their infrastructure, both today and tomorrow.

This paper will show how the IBM Cognos platform is an open, enterprise-class platform that delivers complete, consistent and timely information for all user communities, all on an easily scalable infrastructure.

The right architecture to ensure reliable, timely access to all data sources

IBM Cognos capitalizes on your existing infrastructure, adapts easily to change and uses open standards for long-term extensibility, all with the goal of achieving the above-mentioned criteria.
Download this white paper and discover how the Cognos platform ensures:

  • Flexible, optimized access to all the data you need
  • A complete, consistent view of information that fosters user confidence and adoption
  • Valuable tools to help you deploy, manage and easily upgrade the system
  • An open platform to ensure agility, flexibility and scalability



The Cognos platform provides complete access to all data sources. Using a universal data access layer and single query service, users can access all their data sources wherever they are stored, internally or externally.

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