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BI and Business Performance Management for Information Challenges

Information Management for Midsize Companies

In a midsize organization, it becomes more difficult to ensure that everyone within the organization is remaining focused on company goals and objectives, and working in concert to achieve those objectives.

Business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) are two disciplines that become critical as organizations progress through the “midsize” stage.

This paper discusses some specific challenges that mid-size organizations face, how these affect an organization’s operational effectiveness, and what requirements you should look for in a BI/BPM solution to help address these challenges.

Challenges that midsize organizations face and how BI/BPM can help

BI/BPM disciplines help measure, track and influence the business--and provide essential capabilities that every midsize organization should possess.

Download this paper and learn how BI/BPM capabilities all a midsize organization to address these fundamental questions:

  • How Are We Doing? Measuring and monitoring performance with dashboards to track key metrics
  • And Why? Reporting and analysis to see data, gain context, understand trends, and spot anomalies
  • What Should We Be Doing? Planning, budgets, and forecasts to set and share a reliable view of the future



The right BI/BPM solution should maximize existing investments and be able to grow with the organization. With a robust information strategy and a solid technical foundation, BI and BPM can help ease the transition of midsize organizations through the teenage years and on to adulthood.

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