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Guide to Analytics for Healthcare

Healthcare Performance Management

Given the current economy, if there were ever a time for the healthcare industry to adopt performance management principles, processes and technologies, that time is now. With performance management, healthcare organizations gain access to reliable, timely information and analytics that drive better decisions.

This paper discusses how healthcare institutions can leverage performance management capabilities to reduce costs, improve care quality and promote access and transparency while driving toward sustainable and profitable growth for the organization. With business intelligence (BI) and performance management capabilities you can understand what’s behind critical issues, trends and opportunities.

Improve Care, Reduce Costs and Make Better Decisions with Performance Management

There are numerous decisions to make and IBM Cognos software helps your organization gain a complete and consistent view of all key profitability drivers by providing a single, enterprise platform for healthcare performance management.

Download this paper and discover how IBM Cognos helps your organization answer the following fundamental questions:

  • What is happening? – A gauge of the most critical indicators for your organization.
  • Why is it happening? – The ability to dig deeper into current issues to understand what led to the results.
  • What should we be doing? – The ability to set plans, allocate resources, monitor them and adapt.
  • What is likely to happen in the future? – Being able to monitor and analyze current and past performance to proactively address evolving trends and predict outcomes.



IBM Cognos integrates and leverages your myriad of data sources and allows your organization to answer these critical business questions by employing these capabilities: Measuring & Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis, and Budgeting & Planning.

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