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Case Study Brief: Efficient HR management of consultants and increase revenue/stock price

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Human Resources

Client Benefit

Reporting solution for labor and cost tracking


Business Object


Hardware – Compaq Proliant servers
Database – MS SQL
Platform – WIN


PeopleSoft is a middle-level Enterprise Resource & Planning (ERP) software vendor with over 3000 customers worldwide and over 1B in assets before it was purchased by Oracle, the world's largest enterprise software company. Its business is information—how to manage it, use it, share it, & protect it. Together, you get information that helps you measure results, improve business processes, communicate a single truth to your constituents and help run your business smoothly.

Project Description

Most vendors of complex, enterprise software maintain large teams of consultants to assist their clients in maximizing the value derived from their products. One very difficult asset to maximize is that very team of consultants. PeopleSoft uses its own ERP software to manage its human resources, skill sets of each consultant, service contracts and maintain a calendar of contract in force dates. The challenge is allocating scarce human resource skill sets over the range of clients in a period of time to maximize customer satisfaction with minimum cost.

Scope of Services

5x Technology consultants assisted PeopleSoft with the implementation of its Synergy project with Business Intelligence technology to achieve its goal of client satisfaction with minimum cost. 5x Technology consultants developed a data mart that looks at dimensions of consulting contract in force dates, consultant skills, consultant availability, travel and other costs all augmented through a probabilistic customer contract requirement assessment. This helps keep costs under control and empowers managers with the information they need to keep projects on track.


This application has been very successful. During the post 2000 ERP software sales slow down, every other ERP vendor posted quarter after quarter of slumping sales. PeopleSoft, using this BI application, was able to expanded its service revenue so quickly it was actually able to post overall sales growth even as its license revenue was falling. This outstanding performance keeps its stock price rising as its rival's stock prices fell during this period.


“The job 5x Technology did was fantastic, they were able to understand all issues we faced and achieve the maximum value of the tasks. This project would not have been successful without them”

Jason Hampton
Project Manager

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