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Business Intelligence Dashboard Reporting and Design

business-intelligence-dashboard-examplesBI dashboard software is the solution tool to support the business intelligence process of turning data into information and turning that information into valuable knowledge through analysis. Dashboard reporting organizes all of the records and metrics pulled from multiple sources and facilitates the process of communicating this information in an efficient, visual format to users throughout the company.

If your company contends with large amounts of data, the process of translating it into useable BI knowledge can be a daunting task. Best practices for business intelligence dashboard design and reporting include having the right structure so your data includes all of your planned KPIs and metrics while eliminating redundancies.

Well-designed BI dashboards empower all levels of users by providing a personalized reporting structure with insight to understand the big picture yet still drill down the data applicable to both their role and department for improved business performance. Like the data that feeds the intelligence, dashboard reports are only as good as its user experience.

Creating a BI dashboard design that is accessible and efficient for every user to extract the right knowledge is what makes the information "intelligent", thus allowing business intelligence to play its role efficiently. Without the right business dashboard software and a smart design, all of the BI you capture can still look too overwhelming to comprehend leading to uninformed or insufficient decisions that can negatively impact your bottom line.

Why Your Company Needs a BI Dashboard Reporting Solution

Empower your team to find the right data when they need it with business intelligence dashboards: An interface that works seamlessly with your company.

    • Provide visual data to help scale: With all your real-time data in a single place, you can answer complex questions with one look.
    • Help businesses become proactive: A Business Intelligence dashboard provides businesses with instant answers and reduces risk.
    • Optimize dynamic reporting: Every Business Intelligence dashboard has auto-generated reports and configurable drag and drop interface for each user.
    • Quickly design a custom dashboard to leverage data: The Business Intelligence Dashboard helps you quickly locate, review, and interpret information to develop predictive analytics.
    • Built for collaboration: Update data and reports without stepping on each other’s toes. The BI dashboard transforms the way teams work.

Some of our BI dashboard reporting tools include:

Our BI dashboard services work in tandem with the business intelligence adoption and optimization process, including:

  • crystal-reports
  • ibm-cognos

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