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Most of our solutions are intuitive and require little or no front end training. To address a wider array of knowledge transfer needs we offer IntelligentTraining®. 5x Technology offers a number of classroom, computer based, seminars, webinars and classes for all BusinessObjects and Cognos products.

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SAP Training and Certification Schedule - October

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5x Technology: Scottsdale, Arizona SAP Training and Certification

CNE: New York, New York SAP Training and Certification

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SAP Training and Certification - Hartford, Connecticut

SAP Training and Certification - Virtual, Instructor Led

A 5x Technology specialist can create and teach courses covering specific implementation objectives using scenarios, business situations and solutions drawn from your company's corporate experience. Personalized training can often bring your personnel to application readiness more quickly and cost efficiently. Tailored training increases participation, acceptance and attention.

Most of our specialists continue to add to the literature with white papers on analyzing business problems and their and their solutions as well as delivering presentations at national and international conferences.

Available Courses

Alternative Instruction Computer Based Training (CBT)
CBT courses are self-contained, self paced teaching environments that allow a user to learn at her own speed without the overhead of an instructor. Individual and corporate training objectives can sometimes be best served by computer based training. If a self-paced approach, a refresher or putting an individual on a fast track is the educational objective, CBT is a very good alternative. While they cannot be customized with company specific or situational information, they are a great way to communicate the basics of the tool with help from a mentor.

Seminars & Webinars

Monthly, 5x Technology experts provide (2) invitation-only Webinars. These Webinars cover both Technical and Non-Technical issues that concentrate on solving specific data and process problems for a particular situation or tool.

Quarterly, 5x Technology experts provide half-day, full-day, and multi-day invitation-only seminars and workshops that concentrate on solving specific data and process problems for non-technical executives.

If your organization is interested in a Classroom educational package please contact our Education Department at for more information.

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