Professional Services

5x Technology delivers a variety of onsite or offsite IT services for large, and mid-sized companies.

Our business solutions focus on information delivery through business intelligence, data warehousing and data integration providing information management solutions that collect, organize, manage and interpret volumes of raw data and unstructured information collected in modern organizations.

Our solutions provide business benefit by making timely, pertinent information readily accessible to decision makers who are thus better informed and able to innovate and implement strategies for business improvement.


Services provided by 5x Technology include business intelligence strategy development, implementation, business process analysis, and re-engineering; data warehouse and data mart design; enterprise data integration and aggregation; Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) configuration and implementation; data cleansing; metrics management solutions; project analysis/justification; project management; programming services; intelligent support services; and training and education.

By employing "IntelligentMethodology" in our projects, 5x Technology is able to help our clients rapidly develop and deploy cost-effective data marts and data warehouses. 5x Technology has employed this methodology to provide solutions in each of the following business intelligence areas:

  • Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Business Planning / Forecasting
  • Data Warehouse / Data Mart Design
  • Enterprise Data Integration / Aggregation
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Configuration and Implementation Strategy
  • Data Cleansing Strategy and Implementation
  • Metrics Management Solutions Design / Consulting (KPI)
  • BI Business Process Analysis & Re-engineering
  • Project Analysis / Justification
  • Project Management
  • Programming Services
  • IntelligentOfferings
  • Training and Education

Managing Data - Delivering Information - Creating Insight

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