Project Management

5x Technology maintains a team of program and project management professionals available to plan, organize, budget, setup, scope, and manage a project from vision to implementation.

5x Technology's Project Managers can assist in your project scoping needs. Our experience in scoping covers a wide variety of projects in business intelligence, data warehousing in business segments ranging from retail to manufacturing. 5x Technology's personnel uses a scoping methodology which addresses essential issues in identifying the detail tasks associated with an implementation and insures customer satisfaction.

5x Technology project managers use IntelligentMethodology® which addresses essential issues in continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Additionally, 5x Technology has added a project planning class to its service offering which helps transfer knowledge needed by clients during the scoping and implementation phases of project initiatives.

The primary objectives of a project-planning phase are to:

  • Identify all areas of the project, interactions and functions
  • Prepare a detailed map outlining client's corporate model, needs, resources and expertise.

5x Technology has adapted a question and answer session designed to address such important topics as:

  • Is project management is needed
  • Establish seven components of a project management system
  • Applying paired comparison method to establish priorities and objectives
  • Planning areas
  • Project manager's role