Project Analysis / Justification

Keeping a project on track is difficult. It is difficult to track each facet of a project and continually guide expectations from day to day.

5x Technology's project manager's objective is to develop a solid understanding of the customer's implementation goals, project resources, training plans and time-frames. Project objectives and anticipated benefits are developed and agreed to during the kickoff workshop. Kickoff workshop will engage process owners and stakeholders in your organization to help define objectives, analyze business value, and build an achievable implementation plan.

The goal of the Project Manager is to ensure that each project is completed on time and within budget. It is a fundamental goal for 5x Technology that each implementation project is completed to the Intelligent Guarantee. This is a 90-day implementation services guarantee (Click for more information on the Intelligent Guarantee), ensuring that each customer will be completely delighted with the 5x Technology engagement experience and becomes a positive reference for both our products and services.