SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts

BusinessObjects Rapid Marts provide packaged data integration for enterprise applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Siebel. Rapid Marts combine domain knowledge with data integration best practice to deliver prebuilt data models, transformation logic, and data extraction.

Rapid Marts are packaged, powerful, and flexible data integration solutions that help organizations:

  • Jump-start business intelligence (BI) deployments and accelerate time to value
  • Deliver best-practice data warehousing solutions
  • Develop custom solutions to meet unique requirements

Jumpstart BI Projects

Developing custom extract, transform, and load (ETL) routines for enterprise applications is expensive and time-consuming. With Rapid Marts, you can cut costs and jumpstart the implementation of BI data marts and data warehouses.

Deliver Best-Practice Data Warehousing Solutions
Rapid Marts are modular and incorporate standard dimensional modeling techniques. They can help quickly deliver operational reporting to BI users who need to see information as it resides in source systems, or they can serve as a staging area for more complex enterprise analytic requirements.

Develop Custom Solutions
Rapid Marts meet your most important requirements and can be easily customized to handle specific needs like adding data sources to extend the predefined subject area.