Our Value

Business Value

Increasing profits is developed in just two ways: innovating new cash streams or discovering ways to get more profit to the bottom line from existing cash streams. Business intelligence turns the data you spend so much time and money gathering and cataloging into useful enlightening information. Armed with this information you can clearly see how your business operates today and visualize a better, higher value tomorrow. Providing the tool sets, methods, and resources to enable that vision is what we do.

Value Creation

The key to value creation and maximization of profit is in the business you have done. Enterprise software is designed to support and automate an enterprise's business processes from sales to delivery and financial reporting. In operating the business, every transaction from order to cash is captured in a database. Hidden within this data resides guidance to increased process effectiveness, unfulfilled customer needs and ways to deploy your present product lines into new markets. Business intelligence is the means to transform this data into a clear, highly focused image so that you can begin to refine your business for maximum value and profit.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have "X-ray" vision when determining what forces are driving your business? Many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software packages have fantastic tools for gathering information, but what about when it comes time to report on this information? Our Productivity solutions take care of the everyday reporting tasks for you as well as the added benefit of on-demand graphical representations of your data. Our Productivity solutions are designed to restructure your ERP information into something functional for your companies needs:

    • Dramatically improve sales force productivity
    • Enables fact-based selling
    • Customer and product profitability
    • Summary and detail sales reporting
    • Transforms sales organization from revenue-centric to profit-centric.


In today's economy the opportunity for new cash streams or cost reduction are more constrained than ever. The highest return on investment (ROI) comes increasingly from leveraging information technology rather than from additional capital projects. Enlightened use of IT can improve the value, ease of operation and increase understanding of the necessity for questioned capital projects. Frequently the highest ROI opportunities are found by looking into operational data captured in ERP or legacy systems that support standard business operations or from sales and CRM data.

Our mission is to help our clients exploit their most important corporate asset -- their data. We assist the enterprise in finding internal process opportunities for reduced cost and external opportunities for increased revenues. The best way to accomplish this goal is by combining "best of breed" business intelligence and data warehousing technology with a proven methodology and common sense philosophy we call "IntelligentMethodology®". This combination allows 5x Technology to implement complete solutions that deliver high ROI, low cost, and maximum shareholder value.

Mission Statement:

Meet the demand for Information Technology with world-class solutions while creating value and profit for our customers and shareholders.