Data quality affects an entire organization’s bottom line

5x Technology's IntelligentInformation service provides standardization, cleansing, merging, deduping and data enhancement capabilities of CRM data for NetSuite customers.

CRM administrators, marketing and sales managers depend on providing their internal clients with the most accurate and complete contact information available.

Key Benefits

  • Easily integrates with NetSuite
  • Enhance your CRM database
  • Clean and standardize your data
  • Configured to your NetSuite instance

How it works

The IntelligentInformation solution is a consultative service that extracts customer data out of a NetSuite customer’s system, runs it through the tool, tags records that have redundant and incorrect information based on a client’s specifications, cleanses and merges duplicates, and then uploads the data back into the customer’s NetSuite system

IntelligentInformation Datasheet describe the image