What is IntelligentAssessment?
IntelligentAssessment is your system checkup for an optimal environment. Systems over time, get out of step with business goals and requirements. When this happens, customer expectations and system restrictions do not match.

To resolve this, it is best to have a team who understands business and system needs to bring everything back into alignment. Gaining up-to-the-second access to your business informational assets is critical in these unprecedented times. Organizations, simply, require this information to help reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve profitability. To help you through these challanging times and meet your business goals, 5x Technology offerings can help.

About Our Tiger Team
Our Tiger team consists of a Project Manager; Data Modeler; ETL Specialist; and Database Architect. They can bring your system and users back together to better meet business goals. As part of our thorough Blueprint process we will evaluate your environment(s), Installation Architecture (ETL and Security), & Servers (Application & Web) to ensure they are working with optimal performance. At the end, you will receive full documentation reflective of what is running optimally and where improvements should be made to make your system exceed customer expectations and take your configuration to the next level.

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