IntelligentSupport™ Services

IntelligentSupport is a low cost IT solution to help protect your Business Intelligence investment through maintenance and support services. This service reduces the overall workload on your IT team and gives you administrators who only work on the applications you use. They will make sure all patches, hot fixes are up-to-date for optimum performance, as well as monitor your system.

Business Intelligence solutions delivers complete business intelligence (BI) suite with specialized tools for reporting, query analysis, and performance management. BI operations are split into at least two separate functions: server administer, and universes / reports creator. As universe / report creation becomes more highly valued to organizations, IT managers are choosing to move their most valuable IT staff away from low-level administration work in order to focus on these more strategic activities.

Cost of Internal Support:

  1. Costs of training, upgrades, and further training when configurations change
  2. BI professionals become more marketable, turnover rates have sky-rocketed. Add in resource variability created by maternity leave, changes in H1B status, disability and other unplanned events creates huge shortages
  3. Version, updates and hotfixes Changes: Should you move to the next version of BI software? Should you install the latest hot fix? Of course, it depends on your situation.


Managing such a broad set of end-user interaction requirements, as well as security and access rights on an ever increasing scale, requires a powerful complete, administrative environment for total system control. IntelligentSupport gives you the support you need to maintain your investment.

Since this is our specialty, we are always up-to-date on the latest issues and developments in server administration. Our Senior BI Resources, with more than 50 years of combined experience, stand ready to help with this or any other issue.

Studies have shown remote administration services cost about 60 percent less than what they cost to support a similar level of service in-house. By using a team of proven BI administrators, you have at your fingertips the most capable, advanced team to advise and solve your business needs to keep you competitive in this ever changing environment and you’ll understand why organizations are outsourcing critical administrative roles.