We realize that all projects have unique aspects and companies have different cultures, objectives and resources. Our IntelligentMethodologyTM reaches new standards for reasoned, disciplined action and resource management combined with flexibility. IntelligentMethodology is designed to:

  • Quickly identify high return delivery elements
  • Rapidly define the tasks that must be accomplished
  • Allocate and focus resources
  • Establish a project quality assurance structure
  • Provide fast delivery of high quality results
  • Deliver high business value

Some companies are motivated to conduct their projects using a rapid implementation approach while others prefer a more traditional project management approach. 5x Technology's IntelligentMethodology is modular and customizable to improve results in either type of enterprise. IntelligentMethodology techniques easily integrate to complement, improve and extend an established project management philosophy or stand on their own as a complete foundation for project success.

We have continually developed and refined our service delivery process and technique in working with ERP software clients on analytical application projects everywhere. This experience enhances our impact on total cost of ownership containment while accelerating implementation and quickly delivering the project's positive cash flows. The result is a fast and clear project management organization and task set that make the most of your time, budget and human resources.

IntelligentMethodology allows 5x Technology to offer a tailored solution at an uncommon price while still upholding our traditional level of high quality and value.