5x Events 


"5x on Ice" Team Building Event at San Diego Ice Arena -- Nov 2015, San Diego, CA 


An sweet treat for Gru and his minions.
[Above picture, starting rom the left: Luke, Jeffrey, Hillary and Meagan]


Gru and the Mrs. Minion
[Above, Lori and Jeffrey]


Minions unite!
[Above, from the left: Lori, Hillary, Luke and Meagan]


"Aloha at the Races" Team Building at the Del Mar Racetrack -- Aug 2015, San Diego, CA 


Aloha themed 5x Team
[Above, from the left: Hillary, Meagan, Luke and Jeffrey]


Race winnings.
[Above, from the left: Luke, Meagan, Hillary and Lori]


2011 Navy Gold Coast Conference, San Diego, CA

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5x Technology CEO, Jeffrey Yefsky and Rear Admiral, Sean Crean


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5x Technology Booth, 2011 NDIA Navy Gold Coast Conference
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA