5x Technology is a growing IT solutions provider that uses business intelligence, data warehousing and data integration to immediately increase profitability and productivity. 

5x Technology pairs with the industry’s leading technology and software providers like IBM Cognos, SAP BusinessObjects, RedHat, Centigon, Interloc, Uniserv, and HP to offer a complete range of services to develop a customized business intelligence strategy.

We then implement that specific strategy by developing infrastructure, appropriate business processes and controls using enterprise information to completely support corporate mission and goals. We work with a wide-range of industry vertical organizations, including government, banking and financial, biotech, retail, pharmaceutical, communication and manufacturing.

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5x Technology Methodologies Used to Improve Your Business
Our mission is to help our clients benefit from their most important corporate asset - their data. We combine the "best of breed" business intelligence and data warehousing technology with a proven methodology and common sense philosophy we call "IntelligentMethodology”. This eight step process is the foundation for our project implementation success. 

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Professional Services

How We Improve Aspects of Your Business
5x Technology offers a complete range of professional onsite or offsite IT services for large, and mid-sized companies including business intelligence strategy development, implementation, business process analysis, and re-engineering; data warehouse and data mart design; enterprise data integration and aggregation; Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) configuration and implementation; data cleansing; metrics management solutions; project analysis/justification; project management; programming services; intelligent support services; and training and education. 

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What Products We Use to Make the Changes Happen
Top business intelligence and information technology company, and a value added reseller of the world’s largest business software providers, including SAP BusinessObjects and IBM Cognos.

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